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Custom Tutorials

Get A Custom Tutorial Tailored To Your Specific Musical Needs

Service Description

Our Custom Tutorials service is a unique offering that allows you to receive one-time educational videos, tailored specifically to your individual learning style and goals in electronic music production. This service is designed to provide you with personalised, one-on-one support as you learn new skills and refine your production techniques. Our custom tutorial service offers pre-recorded videos on the subject of your choosing. These tutorials will provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on demonstrations to help you understand and apply new production techniques & workflows. All materials are also recorded so you can watch them back as many times as you wish. In addition to video lessons, we also include any supplementary resources such as sample packs, presets, and project files. With these resources, you can not only follow along with the tutorials but also put your newfound knowledge into practice right away. Customize your learning experience with us by letting us know your specific tutorial needs. We are equipped to teach a variety of electronic music production topics, so reach out today and discover what we can teach you.

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