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Track Arrangement & Finishing

Get Your Loops & Ideas Turned Into A Full Professional Quality Track

Service Description

If you feel like you have the foundations of a solid idea, but often struggle to get an idea finished then this may be the service for you. One of the most common struggles producers have is with arrangement and fleshing those loops out beyond 8-16 bars. This can often be down to a lack of knowledge about song structure, a lack of determination to force yourself to get that track finished no matter what, or simply a lack of inspiration to guide you on the direction of an idea. We are often our own worst critics when it comes to art. One of the best things we can actually do overcome this thinking and help us make progress on our ideas, is collaboration. With this service you send us over the stems of your track and we will flesh it out by adding, removing and mixing different elements to get the overall loop to a high standard before getting to work on the arrangement and giving you a more polished finished product. Upon completion, you will receive the track and the final project file with all the samples, presets and MIDI included. Note, this service is primarily for Arrangement & Track Finishing. We may make tweaks to the loop should we feel it necessary, but our core aim with this service is sketching your music out into a full completed track. As such, please make sure you have a high-quality loop idea (8-16 bars minimum), with all the main foundational elements of your mix included. Important Notes: (PLEASE READ Before Booking) To help the service run smoothly, we ask you to include the following info & resources during the booking process: 1. The Audio Stems For Each Channel (including returns) appropriately named with info about each. 2. The Original Project File (ONLY SEND this if using Ableton Live Suite v10.1.2 or higher). Make sure all channels with third-party plugins are frozen or flattened if they are essential to the mix). 3. A word doc with a brief summary about the project (key, bpm, style, any reference tracks that are similar etc). Our use of external plugins is limited where possible to give you the option later to alter these projects yourself, but feel free to include a list of the plugins you own as well and we'll do our best to stick to these.

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