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Vinyl Spinning Video Production

Allow us to create vinyl spinning videos to promote your music online.

Service Description

Ever seen those spinning vinyl videos that producers often use to promote their newest musical releases alongside visuals online? Well, that's pretty much what this service entails. If you don't have expensive video production software to create these videos, or you don't want a company trademark included in your video that many free online tools place on these videos, then this service offers a low-cost way to create those videos that promote your music online. Here we offer two tiers, our basic tier, which consists of that classic vinyl spinning video over a plain colour background which we tend to use for most of our sample packs, and the advanced tier, which adds this video as an overlay over the same blurred image and some glitchy effects (see examples for demo). Prices from £3 per track or £10 for 4 on the basic tier and £5 per track or £18 for 4 on the advanced tier. All that is required on your end is to send end us a high-quality vinyl-style image for each track and of course the music itself. Get in touch to enquire about specific custom requirements or fill out the form to get started.

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