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How To Create Minimal House Chord Stabs Using Pads Tutorial

In our latest tutorial, we cover another of our favourite techniques to create minimal house chord stabs using Pads.

Although fairly simple in nature, this technique lends itself to a whole realm of creative potential as utilising the evolving nature of pad samples combined with the intuitive functionality of Ableton's simpler/sampler device, makes it pretty easy to manipulate & shape sounds to our liking. Pads also provide a great starting point for the Minimal genre as they tend to be more spectrum-filling sounds that can easily be stripped back and shortened for those classic dubby chord stab sounds you often hear in the style.

In this tutorial, we cover everything from the technique itself, how to create these pad samples from scratch, how to turn these sounds into chord stabs using the simpler, how to process them, and finally how to fit them into your groove.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll have picked up another simple technique for your arsenal which should help you create chord stabs with ease. If you want to know everything about how to take your create chord stabs using pads, then be sure to check out our Minimal House Chord Stabs Using Pads Tutorial below.


Looking For Some Pad Samples To Try This Technique With?

Then we have you covered. For many of us, the fun just comes from having ready-to-go samples that allow you to quickly get your ideas down and keep the creativity flowing.

If this is you, then be sure to check out our Ultimate Pads Collection Sample Pack, a diverse collection of over 300 high-quality synth pads that help to add depth, emotion, & character to your mix. These sounds are all key-labelled & perfect for genres like Minimal House/Deep Tech.

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