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Providing you with the tools that you need to reach your goals.

Our Studio Services

Sound Equipment

Avoid procrastination & free up time to focus where it matters most - on the music.

Allow us to create vinyl spinning videos to promote your music online.

Ever seen those spinning vinyl videos that producers often use to promote their newest musical releases alongside visuals online? Well, that's pretty much what this service entails. If you don't have expensive video production software to create these videos, or you don't want a company trademark included in your video that many free online tools place on these videos, then this service offers a low-cost way to create those videos that promote your music online... 

Vinyl Spinning Video Prdctio

Request a custom-made sample/preset pack for your library.

Missing those particular samples from your collection, spending a lot of time looking for the ideal sample, or struggling to tweak your sounds to fit your needs, then this service might be for you. Sound selection is important, but it can be a rather long and tedious process that can significantly impact your workflow. We believe that having the right selection of high-quality sounds to choose from without sacrificing your workflow is of the greatest importance.


That is why we have created the Request A Custom Sound Pack service for you to own high-quality custom sounds which might be missing from your sound libraries and will hopefully stop you from spending hours searching for the perfect sample. Just tell us what sounds you are interested in and one of our sound design team will go from there...

Looking For A Custom Resource?

Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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