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There is no denying how impressive the sounds from various hardware models can be, but these bits of studio gear are also expensive. For example, one of the cheapest synths that we recently sampled & often recommend to beginners, the KORG Minilogue, starts at around £300+. On the other end of the spectrum you get synths like the Dave Smith - Prophet Rev 2 or the Clavia - Nord Stage 3 going in the region of 1-3k respectively. As such, gaining access to these tools for many is often out of the question.  

We wanted to start this series with that in mind. Bringing you those high-quality, raw sounds that aren't always achievable with software. Now you get to experience these sounds for a fraction of the cost of buying the real thing.



The minilogue is a versatile, polyphonic analog synthesizer designed to deliver a powerful sound that can only be achieved through real analog technology. With 37 slim keys, the synth is fully programmable and comes with a range of innovative features, including a polyphonic step and motion sequencer, on-board tape-style delay, and multiple sound shaping and filter options.


Up next we have the KORG Monologue synthesiser. This monophonic analog synth shares similar qualities to its Minilogue predecessor, but with a unique voice of its own. Packed with many different filter and modulation options, this synth is perfect for shaping all different types of sounds, especially some raw basses & sharp leads. This volume brings you the only set of samples from this powerful synth on the market, capturing a diverse range of sounds that really bring the synth to life and give it that character it is known for today.


Get our full collection of hardware samples for just £29.99 with our bundle offer.